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Our Legends of Asgard series continues with this depiction of Ymir, the first being to exist in Norse mythology’s creation story. A rimless design struck in Max Relief gives this majestic giant the proper space to impress collectors. Previous Legends sold out in days and we expect a similar reaction to this 3-ounce silver piece.

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The fourth coin in Choice Mint’s Legends of Asgard series features the divine jurist of Norse mythology. Tyr established himself and the presider over law and justice after his arm was severed by the great wolf Fenrir to prevent worldwide destruction. Max Relief minting enhances the exquisite detail of this depiction of Tyr as a warrior and protector against forces like Fenrir, who is also pictured on this 3-ounce silver coin.

Coin Series

Paying tribute to the full breadth of characters from Norse mythology, the Legends of Asgard series quickly established Choice Mint as a notable coin producer. Gods, giants and spirits populate this remarkable set of Tokelau currency that will eventually contain 12 coins.

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A joint product of the government and treasury of Cook Islands, Choice Mint and Coin Invest Trust (CIT), the Camelot series will chronicle Arthurian legend over the course of 6 coins. Travel back to medieval times with our signature Max Relief minting and captivating designs.

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