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The Choice Mint Camelot Series continues with Guinevere, the controversial queen of Arthurian legend. At one time entrusted with the famed Round Table, Guinevere became a notorious character when she engaged in a tryst with King Arthur’s chief knight, Lancelot. This 2-ouce silver Cook Island coin features a regal Guinevere clutching a rose.

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Our Legends of Asgard series continues with this depiction of Ymir, the first being to exist in Norse mythology’s creation story. A rimless design struck in Max Relief gives this majestic giant the proper space to impress collectors. Previous Legends sold out in days and we expect a similar reaction to this 3-ounce silver piece.

Coin Series

Paying tribute to the full breadth of characters from Norse mythology, the Legends of Asgard series quickly established Choice Mint as a notable coin producer. Gods, giants and spirits populate this remarkable set of Tokelau currency that will eventually contain 12 coins.

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A joint product of the government and treasury of Cook Islands, Choice Mint and Coin Invest Trust (CIT), the Camelot series will chronicle Arthurian legend over the course of 6 coins. Travel back to medieval times with our signature Max Relief minting and captivating designs.

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