About Us

Brian Tully simply wanted to capture art on a coin. And he wanted to do it without deterring his fellow collectors with the price.

So, he created Choice Mint to please numismatic enthusiasts who share his appreciation of both craftsmanship and storytelling.

He chooses to use the appealing canvas of precious metal, taking advantage of every millimeter with Choice Mint’s proprietary Max Relief minting. It allows Tully to create instantly collectible pieces that are widely praised for fine design and epic detail.

The design of international denominations wasn’t quite as inspiring back in the 1970s and ’80s, nor were they minted on silver or gold. But, they were very valuable to Tully, who built his first coin collection from the foreign currency his father brought back from business trips abroad.

The artistic qualities of coins grew Tully’s numismatic passion during his formative years when he also developed an interest in the silver Morgan dollar, a collection he still keeps today.

Bullion took a backseat to life for many years until back injuries – an unfortunate byproduct of his career in college sports – sidelined him. His passion for buying, selling and trading coins took off in the online forums that he used to pass the time during recovery.

He reinstated himself into the international coin collecting community, eventually forming a relationship with a fellow entrepreneurial enthusiast. They partnered to form Choice Bullion in 2012.

The business that eventually became Choice Mint was patiently developed over several years mainly due to Tully’s pursuit of a delicate balance of high art and low cost.

There were trips to the World Money Fair in Berlin and American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money. After countless conversations with distributors, artists and collectors, Choice Mint was ready to commit art to coin.

The inspiration for Choice Mint’s first two series, Legends of Asgard and Camelot, came from a few sources.

There was the pop culture influence of television and movies – namely the History Channel’s “Vikings” and the 1981 film “Excalibur,” which grew Tully’s fascination with Norse mythology and Arthurian legend, respectively. There was also the U.S. Mint’s Double Eagle gold coin issued in 2009. It was the first example of Ultra High Relief (UHR) and it would help shape Choice Mint’s signature strike.

As Ultra High Relief grew in popularity, there was no one standard for the term. So, Choice Mint created one.

Max Relief is essentially Choice Mint’s definitive opinion of what qualifies as Ultra High Relief. For Tully and Choice Mint, it means at least 3.5mm relief – a rare and difficult depth to replicate. The challenge, however, is precisely why the company is committed to the process.

Choice Mint takes pride in pushing the boundaries of bullion, and that’s certainly part of the reason for its success. Tully is perhaps prouder, though, of the powerful art that Max Relief allows him to share.