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King Arthur – Camelot Series

( — October 25, 2017

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Amazing New Lady Guinevere Legends of Camelot Coin In Hand!

( — July 3, 2017

Legends Of Camelot Guinevere 2 oz Ultra High Relief Proof Silver Coin Unpackaging

( — June 30, 2017

Queen Guinevere coin joins King Arthur in Choice Mint’s impressive look at the Camelot legends

( — April 17, 2017

With two hit series now running simultaneously, Choice Mint are concentrating on making new entrants into them as excellent as possible. Their first range was called Legends of Asgard and a third coin is due out around the middle of the year featuring the frost giant Ymir. The second series is centred around the old Arthurian legends, tales of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Like Asgard, Camelot is a rich vein of source material and there will be undoubtedly b...

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Choice Mint launches Guinevere

( — April 16, 2017

The second release in the Camelot series has just been launched by Choice Mint. The coin’s reverse depicts Guinevere, wife of King Arthur and best known for her affair with the king’s chief night, Lancelot. King Arthur is a legendary British figure, whose existence has been debated for centuries, and whose tales have been the subject of literary works and folklore. He is said to have led the defense of his people against the invading Saxons during the late 5th and early 6th centuries, and his compatriots were the “The Knights of the Round Table.” The series will comprise six coins, wi...

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Odin Ruler of the Aesir – Legends of Asgard Series – 3 oz Fine Silver Max Relief Coin – 2016

( — January 25, 2017

King Arthur 2oz Silver Ultra High Relief Camelot Coin, 2016 Cook Islands, Choice Mint, TheCoinShoppe

( — January 6, 2017

First in a series featuring legends of Camelot in 999 2oz Ultra High Relief silver. Limited mintage of only 999.

New Release High Relief Silver King Arthur coin.

( — January 1, 2017

This new release from the Choice Mint is an ultra high relief 2 oz proof coin with a mintage of just 999 & is the first in the series of just six coins.

Amazing High Relief New King Arthur Silver Coin Release!

( — December 28, 2016

Amazing High Relief New King Arthur Silver Coin Release!