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King Arthur Legends Of Camelot 2 Oz Ultra High Relief Silver Coin

( — December 27, 2016

King Arthur Triumphant on New Cook Islands Coin

( — December 23, 2016

Fans of Arthurian legend—and fans of richly inventive world coins, as well—have a new collectible series to enjoy. Choice Mint has released the first coin, “King Arthur,” in its new, six-coin “Camelot” series, and it is a beauty. “Camelot” is a joint product of the government and treasury of Cook Islands, Choice Mint, and Coin Invest Trust. Cook Islands has long been associated with beautiful and creative collector coins. Three Cook Islands designs—“Space-Time Continuum,” “Murrine Millefiori Glass Art Coin,” and “Chondrite Meteorite”—were finalists for the 2017 COTY Awards in the “most i...

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Choice Mint Launches Camelot Series with King Arthur

( — December 19, 2016

In the span of only a little over a year, a company called Choice Mint has already managed to distinguish itself from other private mints through its commitment to excellence and innovation. With such a dizzying array of world commemorative coins coming out at an ever-increasing pace, what matters is producing coins that are different and memorable and that stand out because they of their designs and minting.  And Choice manages to achieve those goals by refusing to compromise on the coin’s quality and execution of the concept.

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World Exclusive: Choice Mint Pushes to New Heights with King Arthur, the First in the Camelot Series

( — December 2, 2016

Springing from nowhere back in August 2015, Choice Mint has rapidly earned itself an enviable reputation among the legions of modern coin collectors with its first two coins. Producer of the superb Legends of Asgard series, of which Odin and the Valkyrie have been released to date, they’ve set a high bar for themselves when it comes to producing the ‘difficult second album’ as they say in music circles. Fear not, Arthur is here, with a little help from SmartMinting. Sticking with the myths and legends of old, the theme of this series is one that is surpr...

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Choice Mint King Arthur – Camelot Series – 2oz Silver Coin $10 Cook Islands 2016

( — November 30, 2016

This is the first in the Camelot coin series focusing on Arthurian Legend and struck in MAX RELIEF. Choice Mint has coined the phrase “Max Relief“ as it pertains to minting. The reason for this is the overuse of the phrase “Ultra High Relief.“ We will soon release our qualifications of Max Relief coins.

Technology Allows for Amazing Relief with Less Metal

( — November 18, 2016

Coin collectors have long been drawn to  high relief coins because of their increased three-dimensionality, bringing designs to life in a way that lower relief coins do not. High relief issues tend to be associated with modern coins, especially commemorative issues produced by world mints, and with medals. But in fact the coins of ancient Greece and Rome also often had impressive reliefs. That is why when President Theodore Roosevelt tasked sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens with starting a renaissance in American coinage, he wanted the coins to be as impressive as those ancient issues. ...

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2016 Legends of Asgard Valkyrie 3 oz Max Relief coin with make shift capsule

( — October 11, 2016

Legends of Asgard Valkyrie and LCS Pickup

( — October 8, 2016

3 oz Max Relief Silver Valkyrie Coin is Here!

( — October 5, 2016

3oz VALKYRIE (Legends of Asgard)

( — September 27, 2016